Monday, August 26, 2019

Next on our trip we made our way from Ship Rock to Canyon de Chelly.  On the first day we spent our time on the east rim which overlooks Canyon del Muerto.  One cannot just drive down into Canyon de Chelly.  On both the east and west rims there are a number of overlooks down into the canyons.  The views are excellent and well worth the effort.  If you have vertigo, like I do, then you'll need to hold on because there are places at the overlooks were one can get right up to the edge without any rail or wall to hold onto.

Canyon de Chelly is an ancient Pueblo site and one that is still occupied to this day.  The locals control the number of visitors into the canyon but in order to do so one has to pay.  I decided not to but now wish that I had.  I, in particular, wanted to go to the place in the canyon where Ansel Adams took his famous shot of the canyon wall.  The only difference between then and now are all of the cottonwood trees that are in the canyon that were not present when he took his picture.  That image was taken over in Canyon de Chelly itself which can be viewed from the west rim overlooks and that is the next days efforts.  Sometime in the next couple years I will be going back to Canyon de Chelly and spend more than two days there and I will be spending the money for the guide to take me through the canyon.  I think it will be well worth the money.

Again my images are with my IR camera, a Canon 50D with a 35-150mm lens, as I am continuing to learn how to use it and to process the images.  All images were taken using a tripod.


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