Wednesday, July 24, 2019

After going to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Dallas and I traveled to Farmington, NM.  On the way we passed through through Durango, Molas Pass and Silverton, all in Colorado.  I really like Silverton.  It is a nice small town and at the time we passed through there weren't that many tourists and the weather was still decent.  But is was at Molas Pass that we stopped and took a few pictures.

As you can see I like the bluish sky colors that you can achieve with IR. 

We got to Farmington late because I missed a turn outside Durango and ended up in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Taking a back way to Farmington required we pass by Navajo Lake where we were pulled over for doing 62 in a 50 mph zone.  When I asked where the sign was he pointed to a place ahead of us.  Fortunately he only gave us a warning.  Not too much further down the road we were stopped at a sobriety check point.  This was a few miles down the road from several boat landings for the lake.  Apparently a few too many people go boating, drink too much and then try to drive home.  Anyway, we got thru that one ok as well and sailed on into Farmington.  The next day we went up to Aztec Ruins misnamed because early on it was thought to be Aztec like.  Instead it is a pueblo site.  What I like about it the  most is the reconstructed Pueblo Great Kiva which one is allowed to enter and experience and all for free.  Here are a few pics of the Kiva.

For those who are wondering, I used a 17-50 mm lens at 1/160 sec, F2.8, and 1250 ISO.  There are no lights in the Kiva except for what is coming thru the windows, door and the hole in the ceiling.  No flash is allowed and none was used.

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