Sunday, July 1, 2018

So, before anyone says anything about cruelty to animals, etc., the rodeo is not my favorite sport.  I went because it was an opportunity to do some action photos.  I will not be going in the future for a number of reasons which I will not outline here.

I used my F5.0, 70-300 lens from the last row of the stands.  As the light diminished the ISO went from 200 to 3200 but it still wasn't enough to stop the action, although I will have to say that I do like the blurred nature of the images in the bull ride.  All in all I took over 500 pictures using the burst mode on my Canon EOS 7.  I thought it did a good job.  This is something I don't do a lot of and am glad I did.  Just wish it were a different kind of venue.

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