Thursday, April 26, 2018

Here we are already into April and in fact nearing the end of the month.  How time flies.  It's not that I haven't been out taking pictures, it's just that I am, for some reason just not posting them as I should.  Having said that I thought I would post a few I took back in January out at the Great Salt Lake Saltair Pleasure Palace.  At least that is where I spent the morning.  In the afternoon I spent my time in downtown Salt Lake.  Hitting these two spots makes the long trek worthwhile.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted on my blog.  I have had a problem finding inspiration, so, I went and bought the book "Zen Camera" by David Ulrich.  I have read it through beginning to end and have decided that I will try to follow his advice and see if I can't develop some inspiration as I go along.  In the meantime I have gone back to one of my favorite subjects and decided to photograph him/her from a different angle than I have in the past.  Although it was the wrong time of day to photograph I still wanted to see what I would get.  Trying to develop that eye.  

Enjoy the two images and I will be back soon.