Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter is upon us and there is a little dusting of snow on the hillsides and in the mountains.  Looks like a icing on a  cake.  With that I have taken to making more images of the Wasatch Front in Utah county primarily those at the point of the mountain, Traverse Ridge and at the mouth  of American Fork Canyon.  I tried to take these images at a time where I could use the light to better form to the hillsides and mountains and bring out the texture.  It helped that the morning was overcast and there was no real direct sunlight.  This eliminated the harsh shadows and provided for edges which are soft and flowing.

I also crossed over into Salt Lake county and took pic's of the big pit.  Of course I know it as the Kennecott Copper mine.  Now it is owned and operated by Rio Tinto.  I stitched six images together to get the image you see below.  Because of the dusting of snow, more detail is revealed and there is greater depth to the image.

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