Monday, November 7, 2016

The weather is beginning to finally change here in Utah.  A little bit of frost in the morning and low sixties by late afternoon.  Not much weather has gone through the valley and so the smog has been increasing making it difficult to get good images of the landscapes through the reddish haze that persists and turns most landscapes some shade of red.  Thank goodness I do mainly black and white images.  The haze isn't much of a factor.

Coming home one afternoon, late, I noticed these incredible shadows on the bald hills in front of the Wasatch Mts.  Needless to say I didn't have my camera with me and so lost a chance of a lifetime.  So I thought I would go back another day and try to capture what I saw.  Nope didn't happen.  First, I wasn't able to get back out there for a couple more days and the weather changed and of course it was not as cloudy as it was on that evening.  One day that I was able to get out there I did so, but, too early, and the shadows had not really appeared yet.  I took a couple of photos but they weren't that good.  I finally did get out there for the sunset but the mood set by the sun and shadows just wasn't the same.  I also think that I may have been in the wrong spot for the images that I wanted but the sun was going fast and I thought I better get what I could, if anything.

As I usually try to do, I turn around and look behind me for any images that might pop up.  This is the first image I am presenting.  It is the road that I take to and from work everyday.  As I said earlier, there has been a smog present and with the setting sun and hills in the back ground I thought I would try to capture that haziness.  I like the strong lines of the road and power poles extending out into the distance.  One critic of mine would have castigated me for not removing the power lines but I decided to leave them.

In this second image is a quarry, gravel, to be exact.  It is a shadow of its former self.  The gravel is what is used for all road construction in the Salt Lake and Utah counties.  The gravels were deposited there by glacial lake Bonneville many thousands of years ago.  I feel confident that I will be alive to see the last bucket of gravel taken out of this quarry.  Many homes are popping up on the Wasatch front.  No hill is safe.  It is a bit unfortunate.  Although it has not been a goal of mine, these images will serve to show the changes through time and the destruction of our natural beauty in the name of progress.

The next two images were take with those shadows in mind and the home development that continues on.  I am trying to use the shadows to convey depth in my images.  Well not just depth.  But form and shape as well.  Try to get the feeling that you could just walk right into the image.  The last image is of an access road that I was standing on.  I just liked the strong line of the road going off into the distance and being picked up by the row of houses.

One last thing.  I used a selenium toning for a couple of the images.  I will continue to play with this to see if I like it or not.  Not sure just yet.  I doubt I will use it on everything.  Just trying to figure out  under what circumstances it is best to use.  Enjoy.

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