Friday, September 2, 2016

Recently I went to the east coast to visit my daughter.  I spent nine great days with her, her two cats and her dog.  As it is with all vacations with the kids I also helped out around the house.  Besides housework we  did some travelling.  One of the places we went to was the beach in Delaware.  Many people there, many.  It was hot but at least the humidity had dropped and so it was pleasant.  On the way back from the beach we stopped at a nature reserve.  The only animal we saw was this heron which was walking around in this rather large pond looking for food.  I didn't have a proper lens for the shot so I had to use my 28/135, F5.6 and then blew it up in Photoshop Elements.  Of course, as I am want to do I turned it into a black and white image and with a little work it turned into this:

 After leaving the preserve we stopped at the marina.  I wanted to get a picture of the boats.  Not the whole boats, just the tops.  I was interested in all of the fishing poles, antennae, and flag poles.  I thought it would be an interesting contrast with the sky and clouds.  In Elements it wasn't working out the way I thought and so I inverted the image and then made a few other changes which gave me the image you see below.  This is pretty much what I was looking for.  Sometimes it pays to just play around.

After leaving the marina we had to go back over this bridge.  My daughter was driving and I was in the passenger seat.  I got out my camera and at 60 miles an hour I started to take pictures out the front window hoping I could get something.  The following are two that I like with one of them in two different renditions.

I'll post some other images later.  I didn't take a lot of images on this trip as we didn't do a lot of travelling outside this one trip and going to the movies.  Like I said, I'll post them in the next day or so.

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