Monday, August 8, 2016

Here are some images I took from Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada on the Nevada/Utah border.  Two of the images are of Wheeler Peak, the second highest peak in Nevada, +13,000 ft in elevation.  You can drive to 10,000 ft easily on a well paved road and then take the trail up toward the peak and see high alpine lakes.  The other images are of the valley to the east of the park looking toward Utah.  The sun was still a little high but made for some interesting shadows on the valley floor.  One does not appreciate the distances in this part of the country until one can see it from this vantage point.  The last image is of a small hill/mountain just outside of Little Sahara Sand Dunes near Delta, Utah.  I need to make a trip out there sometime.  It would be an opportunity to take images of sand dunes.  The only unfortunate part is that it is overrun by off road vehicle enthusiasts.  They flood the area and there aren't many spots where they have left tread marks.