Friday, June 24, 2016

Here are my final images from shooting at the Cross Creek Mall in downtown SLC.  A little bit of everything including a color image of a Rolex watch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I have processed a few more images from my shoot at City Creek Mall in downtown SLC.  In this group the images are of mannequins in store front windows.  I've had an on again, off again relationship with mannequins over the years.  Most of my images have been of mannequins in an antique store in Houston, Texas.  It  is a huge antique store with numerous vendors of all types.  It's always easy to get close to the mannequins which are clothed in a variety of ways.  What was also nice is that they change from week to week.  Well, so far I haven't been so lucky here in SLC so I am left with those that are in store front windows.  Regardless, they make for some interesting relationships.  And once again they are in B&W.

Monday, June 20, 2016

It was hot today but I decided to go out and take some pictures at the City Creek Mall in downtown SLC.  Unfortunately the 'skyscrapers' in SLC are not that high and there aren't many of them so I was left with taking pictures around the mall.  I don't think it hit 100 degrees today but it must have been close.  Fortunately the outdoor mall is somewhat enclosed by an atrium so the weather on the inside is a lot cooler than outside.  Here are the first five images that I took (well I actually took more than that but these are the ones I decided to develop in photoshop.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Here are three more images taken in a small mall area near where I live.  I went to this mall specifically to see if there was anything that struck my fancy.  One of my objectives was to take images of patterns documenting the various colors commercial artists use in their advertising and in making signs (more on that another time).  Here they are.  Make of them what you will.  I do say, I think these could be classified as minimalist images.  I certainly like keeping things simple if I can.  These could be considered Miksang images except for the fact that I have turned them into black and white (which is not allowed in Miksang).

We are definitely at the end of the snow season here in Utah.  The raw ground can be seen and the vegetation is turning green.  This too shall not last as the temperatures are beginning to soar into the 80's and so to reach the 90's.  Anyway I was struck by the bold patterns on the mountain side made by the snow.  The first image is of the entire west side of Timp.  I decided to put the rocky portion of the mountain in zones 0-2 (zone system).  In this way it would force one to look at the white patterns and not the mountain itself.  Because there is considerable zone 2 there is still sufficient detail to ridges and valleys.  In the second image I show off only one of the ridge/valley systems but have extended the zones out to 3 and a little 4.  I took the third image specifically because I liked the wishbone pattern.  I took it with a longer lens (you can see this same pattern in first image to the far left).   After today I'll have to change my focus to image that are much more green or brown and the colors of rocks.  Much more limiting.  The challenge is on.