Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back when I first came out to Utah I was looking  for places and taking road trips to get reacquainted with the sites and places that I might like to take images.  One of those places was Strawberry Reservoir on US 40 out of Heber, UT.  It wasn't a planned stop but as the road wound around the reservoir it rose to a level that gave me a high vantage point.  So I got out of my car to take a look.  It was late fall and there weren't many on the water as it was getting cool and school was now in session.  But there were a few out there.  One group was fishing.  It looked like there were several of them in one boat.  In another boat, with umbrella, was another group.  Hard to say what they were doing as they appeared to be just floating on the lake having a leisurely day.  Their remoteness out in the lake made for a couple of good images.  The results you can see below.

 Along the shore there was a father and two of his kids.  They were traipsing back to their vehicle along the shore.  I found it interesting that they were not together.  Suggests to me that the father was wanting to get home (maybe for his late afternoon beer) and his sons were not wanting to leave.  In any event I took this shot of them.  After looking at this image again it came to mind that this image was about the evolution of a boy to manhood, ready to get into that vehicle which will carry him through life.  Interesting what comes into ones head when looking at images, your own or others.

This last set of images have become personal.  Lately I have been watched a couple of movies (I won't name them) in which one of the underlying themes has been the relationship between parent and child.  Typically it has to do with the fact that the parent has in some way neglected or abandoned the child.  The resolution is typically one of realization of the past and in some way to make up for it going forward.  Now, it's not that these images necessarily show a parent neglecting their child.  They don't.  Just the opposite.  They show what I did not have as a child.  At least not that I can remember.  My parents and I were not that close.  And now that they are gone there is not much that I can do about it.

I do like these images because I also like minimalist photography and I think these fit the bill quite well.  The two on a surf board lazily rowing around the lake.  A big lake which engulfs them.  The texture of the waves in the water changing as the wind changes strength and direction.  I also like the allusion that the surf board is not in the water but appears to be suspended above it.  Most of all I like it because father and son are together doing something if nothing more than paddling and talking and if you look close, they are fishing.

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