Saturday, April 2, 2016

I am back to doing landscape images again.  The club I was in, well, just about everyone was into landscape and it became a running joke if you said you did landscape.  Well, I like doing landscape and here are my latest images.  The first four are of the north end of the Oquirrh Mountains.  Just below the images is one of the Kennecott plants (in one of the images you can see the smoke stack from the plant).  Over the top of the furthest peak is the big pit itself.  It is one of the three largest open pit mines in the world.  My interest here was not necessarily in the peaks themselves but in depicting depth using shadows.  I have work to do but I think it this is a good start.  Come spring and the melting of snow will make the task more difficult.  Well, anyway, here they are:

Standing on the shore of the Great Salt Lake at the Saltair Palace affords one the opportunity to observe the Wasatch Mountains to the east without obstruction.  The lighting is not the best because it is behind me in the western sky.  However, I wanted to take a couple of images as the clouds moved across the Salt Lake valley.

Here is my last image.  It is taken from the shadow of the Oquirrh Mountains looking east toward the Wasatch Mountains across the Salt Lake valley.  On the left side (north) is Salt Lake City and on the right (south) is the Point of the Mountain (southern end of the valley).  The mountains are obscured by clouds and the changing weather conditions.  Notice that the valley is nearly filled with homes as the population continues to grow.  The image below is a panoramic consisting of six images stitched together.

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