Friday, December 19, 2014

I visited the docks in Galveston harbor and found these birds (pelicans and cormorants, I believe) roosting on posts and concrete blocks.  Sometimes they would fight over who owned what piece of real estate.

This past year I submitted a portfolio of images to Black & White magazine.  Unfortunately my portfolio was not chosen for the inclusion in their portfolio issue.  However, you can see it in their online website at  It is the second from the left in the top row.  You can also see it on my website at  If you are into black and white photography Black & White is an excellent magazine to either subscribe to, or, as I do, peruse through at Barnes and Noble on occasion.  Anyway, enjoy the images and not just mine.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I just thought I would let everyone know that I now have a website.  It is still under construction. so bear with me as I put some finishing touches on it.  Periodically I will be adding images to the various galleries.  I am also contemplating a variety of other features.  The sight is

 During the month of November I twice occasioned to attend the Texas Renaissance Fair.  This is not my typical photo shoot kind of event because it is predominantly one of shooting people.  I went any way and I will have to say that the first day was a disaster because I find it difficult to take pictures of people even if they want you to, which they did.  They were not bashful about for a moment.  So the images I show here are from the second day I attended.  A little bit better than the first.  Nonetheless it was a great time.  It is hard to imagine people who are willing to dress up and play barbarian for a day.  Some don't even get paid to do it.  Besides where else could you go and see barbarians, R2D2, Superman, Spiderman, a Wookie.