Friday, June 13, 2014

Here are six images from my recent trip to Italy.  Two of them are of the same landscape, one in color and one in black and white.  I prefer the black and white, my wife prefers the color.  Next there is a landscape of homes along Lake Como.  Very colorful homes nestled in the hills overlooking the lake.  There are also two religious images.  The first is of a church, one of many we visited.  Here I have attempted to draw you into the image leading you to the lit cross of Jesus, light coming from the two side windows.  Following that is a painting of Jesus on the cross.  I did not take an image of the whole painting, nor did I leave it in color.  I switched it to black and white and took the image from a low perspective looking up from his feet.  What I am trying to emphasize here are the nails that have been literally nailed into the original painting (look at the feet).  Lastly, there is a color image of sunglasses that were being sold to tourists in the streets of Rome with reflections of the ancient buildings in the lenses.